One anchor to the Sidewalk is to entrust your financial plan to others, to believe that there is a chauffeur to wealth and that someone else can drive that journey for you. This mindset makes you vulnerable to victimhood.

Imagine if you hitchhiked across the country. There’s a decent chance you’d never make it to your destination. You could climb into a psycho’s car that decides to take you on an unintended detour. You could encounter a murderer who slashes your throat and dumps you in a roadside ditch. Hitchhiking is inefficient and dangerous!

Yet, the Sidewalker’s manifesto is predicated on hitchhiking: faith unto others, and when things don’t work out as intended, blame unto others. After faith in luck and events, blame is the third anchor to the Sidewalk.

Back in the late 80s, when I was a teenager, my mother chummed with friends at a local restaurant. Within that friendship circle several of them put their life savings into an investment innocuously named “The Fund.” These folks—some respected businessmen—raved about this investment, claiming impressive monthly returns. These friends encouraged my mother, as a struggling single mom, to invest. Mom was no dumb cookie. She asked questions and didn’t like the answers. Something didn’t “feel” right. Logic tickled her inner brain. Ultimately, she passed on the investment and it remained outside her world.

Years later “The Fund” made headline news. An investment company had bilked millions of dollars from investors. The investment company was exposed to be a Ponzi scheme, and several swindled investors committed suicide, including the perpetrator. This investment company was none other than that great investment mother declined years earlier—“The Fund.”

-Chapter 9, Page 69 “The Millionaire Fastlane” by MJ DeMarco

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